Roberta Mari



Milanese of Tuscan origins. He always imagined a life in color. In fact, he attended the state art school of Bergamo and then
the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, to obtain a diploma in scenography. Already while studying at the Academy he begins
collaborate with various scenography laboratories for the creation of backdrops and scenographic structures, three-dimensional in polystyrene and resins.
Later he gained a long experience in scenographic design, first as an assistant and then as a manager,
dealing mainly with commercials, TV programs and cinema. A few years ago he decided to collaborate with professional firms and
advertising and PR agencies, dealing with events, creating sets for conferences, designing creative stands, developing styling projects and
furniture design, create images for cosmetic, clothing, styling and furnishing companies.

For Alpa he deals with the image of the exhibition stands and the styling of the new bed collection.

Styling projects